"For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright
Who art as black as hell, as dark as night."
--Shakespeare, Sonnet 147

Writer: The time has come for us to part a while, I'm sad to say...

Duo: *cries into a Kleenex* Don't gooo!

Writer: I am afraid I must. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not have access to a computer for a while. Hence, this site won't be getting updated until further notice.

Duo: This bites.

Writer: No kiddin'. Anyway, I'll be back as soon as I can, and I promise a MASSIVE update when I return, including new fanfics, fanart, pictures for the image gallery, links... You name it! I have big plans for the coffeeshop...

Duo: I'm sure they can't wait, Writer. Enjoy the place as is, people, and don't forget to sign the guestbook... Make the Writer feel good when she gets back from her hiatus. *sotto voce* Did I read the script right?

Writer: *thumbs up* Perfect!

Duo: Great! Can I go now?

Writer: .... No.

Duo: *cries* No fair...!

Writer: A WARNING: This site contains shonen-ai and yaoi material, meaning male/male romantic and/or sexual relationships. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of two boys kissing, being in love, having sex, etc., then you'd probably better run now. Don't blame me for corrupting your poor virgin eyes if you happen to read something you didn't want to read, because you WERE warned.

Duo: *cheerfully* And now, onto the fun!

Image Gallery Great pics of the God of Death-- and maybe those other boys, too.

Links to other great sites.

Fanart by myself and others.

Fanfics that I've written, and stuff others have submitted.

Webrings that I belong to.

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Stupid Obligatory Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. If I did, I'd be filthy friggin' rich and famous. Naturally, all characters, images, and et cetera are used without permission, but who really cares? I wish I could make money offa this, but since I'm NOT, nobody can sue me. I hope... Don't reproduce or take any of the fictions or fanart on this page without the permission of their respective authors/artists, or I will 'borrow' Deathscythe Hell and I will step on your house.