Back to the Coffee Shop from Hell?


Writer: The Fanart-- this is how we display our mindless devotion to the God of Death (and friends).

By The Writer (Embarrassed note: All of these pics are pretty old, done before I found my own "style". It might account for why they look a little... off. Better pics coming soon, I promise!)
Casual Duo Duo in casual clothes... One of my first attempts. Yes, it sucks.
Gundam Wings The Gundam pilots as angels... A done-to-death theme, I know, but I couldn't resist.
Duo (comes with a scythe!) Another Duo pic... Well, it IS his shrine, after all. And yet another done-to-death theme... *sighs*

By Kitsune (more to come!)
Maxwell's Little Demon A beautiful colored pic of Duo... He looks so serious. What could he be thinking?