Back to Hell?

Writer: Leaving so soon? Aww... Can't you stay for just one more mocha latte?

Duo: *waves* We'll be seein' ya, folks!

Writer: You're lucky-- this is probably the only place in Hell where you can just come and go... HEY! Did you pay for your coffee?! And how 'bout leavin' a shrine donation?

Duo: Easy now, lady, don't scare all the nice people off for good...

Writer: *mumbles* I need an espresso, now... Come back soon, everyone, and thanks for stopping in! I'm working on a banner, but in the meantime, here's the address if you wanna link this page:

Heero Worship Amelia6's page to Heero Yuy, aka Spandex Boy. Go spam her guestbook! WAH HA HA HA HAAA!!! Um, just kidding...

Gundam Wing Addiction A HUGE GW fanfic archive (most of it yaoi), with more great authors than you can shake a thermal scythe at. Are you addicted yet?

Gundam Wing-- The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell Madam Hydra is a great teller of tales, most of them dark and concerning Duo intimately. And I do mean "intimately". My favorite fics are on the Obsidian Shadows section, and these stories are NOT for the meek. *grins*

GW: Art of Self-Destruction The fanart here is wonderful, but my absolute favorite part is the ingenious 3x5 Theater, a GW doujinshi spoof of a popular movie. Now playing? "There's Something About Heero". It's frickin' hilarious.

[L A I R] galleries: Gundam Wing It's the GW fanart page of the fantastic and fabulous Kitsune! She was nice enough to allow me to display some of her lovely artwork on my fanart page... Go here, and be awed.