Writer: Welcome to the Fanfic Library from Hell...

Duo: Beware those late fees! Whoo, they're killer.

Writer: Er... Some of the below stories may be SHONEN-AI, YAOI, or even LIME and LEMON. They will be CLEARLY MARKED, and that's the only warning you're going to get. Don't bother to tell me I'm a pervert; I assure you, I already know.

Duo: Let's assume we're all mature enough to handle this, hm?

Writer: So far there are two categories: stuff written by me, and stuff written by Amelia6. Happy reading!

By the Writer
Winds of Change A ficlet I wrote while musing a little too deeply. Depressing, or uplifting? I really can't tell...

Blueberry Pie Inspired by my breakfast, this is proof that I need help. YAOI and a little bit of LIME. Betcha didn't know Wufei could bake...! 1x2, 4x3.

The Morning After This is an adaptation of a hilarious GW manga drawn by my friend Harukami. The plot is hers; I just put it into story form. Quatre wakes up after a night of too much drinking, and a hangover isn't the only thing to greet him... SHONEN-AI 4+1,2,3,5.

Dancing on the Blade LEMON YAOI warning! Be careful, this one is dark, maybe a little violent... Heero is a bastard and Duo, a victim. OOC as all hell... Written at 3a.m., so that may account for it. 1x2.

Deathdance and Voidsong Another dark fic, probably OOC again. Does Duo really think of himself as the "God of Death"?

Drinking Game
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

By Amelia6
Falling Rain Angsty 1+2 SHONEN-AI with YAOI implications. *sniffles* It'll make ya cry!

Three Against One *laughs a certain rounded portion of her anatomy off* This one is just TOO funny! Read it, and just tell me what you were thinking.

Counting Sheep This one is short and sweet. ^_^ Slight SHONEN-AI 3+4