Gallery to the Green hairded one

Image Gallery

Amelia6: So far, I've only got clickable descriptions. I might make thumbnails, but for now this is okay. Don't you agree?

Ferio: ^_^+ These pictures are hard to come by, hopefully, you'll all be pleased.

Leaning on his sword
Chatting with Ascot
Looking a bit surprised
From opening--looking serious
Knocking on a tree?
Looking a bit confused
Hugging Fuu
Protecting Fuu
Coloured manga-- he has his sword
A worried Prince
From the manga-- looking cute
Leaning on a rock(?)
Chibi-manga--in coulour
With Presea--a cel
Looking serious, yet again...
Running-- a cel
Same pic as above, but with no b/g
Holding up the little communticator
Close up, looking very... Royal
With Fuu
Looking to the side
Looking to the front
James Bond smile...?
Close up and a face forward jump!
Captured yet again?
Riding on a furry animal with Fuu
Chibi with Japanese background letters
Talking with Fuu--manga
Looking haughty--Manga
With Mokona