Prince of my Idolatry

Amelia6: *looks around the near-empty site* I know, I know, there's hardly anything here. Don't worry, soon this will be a page fit for the Royal.

Ferio: *looks around as well* Ya got any food? *looks hopeful*

Amelia6: *facefaults and tries to give him a dirty look, but fails, and ends up just staring*

Ferio: *laughs nervously and takes a step away from her* Nevermind....

Amelia6: *snaps out of it* Oh! Well, anyway, enjoy what's here of my shrine--

Ferio: *cuts in* And give donations!

Amelia6: *succeeds in giving him a dirty look this time*

Ferio: *closes his mouth and takes another step away*

Amelia6: *sighs* Anyway, take a look at what I've got so far...

Amelia6: Yes! Those buttons are bigger for a reason--!

Ferio: Sign the Guest Book!

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