Okay, there's not much up yet. There'll be more to come. This section will more often than not, have yoai or shonen-ai fics. (m/m) So, if you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it, okay? All stories will be clearly marked.

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Falling RainBy me, Amelia6. This is a sad story, so if you're not in the mood for it, I suggest you don't read it. But I would prefer it if you DID read it. Shonen-ai. Yaoi implications. 1+2

Counting Sheep By Amelia6 A short and (dare I say?) cute fic.

Three against One By Amelia6 A comedy. A really, really weird comedy.

Too Busy...? It's a bit of a comedy... 2+1 And, I guess it would be Yaoi implications...?

Muffin By rikki hibiki
This is a CUTE fanfic! An absolutely wonderful short. Shonen-ai. A must read!

Jinchuu Part 1 This is great! It's the sequel to Muffin, written of course, by rikki hibiki. It's great, read it! Shonen-ai 1x2

Jinchuu Part 2 The second part of Jinchuu Shoen-ai 1x2 (no that's not all there is, for more, bug rikki hibiki Tel her how great she is!)

Even if...Part1 Even if... Part2 Even if... Part3
Another great story by rikki hibiki. Unfinished but angsty. Very angsty. YAOI implications. 2x1

Glimmer Ball Nights By rikki hibiki. This is just plain cute. I suggest you read it. There are slight shonen-ai feelings to it.

One Day By rikki hibiki. Another angsty one.... Shonen-ai (sorta) 2x1 *looks around and then goes into tears* It's sooo sad!